Prescription Synchronization

Prescription Synchronization helps patients consolidate and coordinate all of the prescriptions, supplements and any other complimentary medications to be refilled on the same day each month. Now in stead of making multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up medication or receiving multiple packages, you get to manage only One.

Coordinate your prescription refills with Pride Pharmacy and realize how much easier taking medications can be

- Eliminates the need to call in your refills.
- Fewer trips to the pharmacy. Fewer packages to receive at home.
- No more worrying about running out of your medications.
- Choose your monthly “Fill Date.”

With Pride Pharmacy’s Prescription Synch, ALL of your medications will be filled on the same date every month. Less stress, less trips to the pharmacy, more time to spend doing what matters to you most.

Prescription Synchronization Hillcrest

How do I Sign up?

(1) Schedule a consult with one of our Pride Pharmacy team members by calling (619) 501-5888
(2) Bring ALL of your prescriptions, vitamins, and OTC medications to the consultation
(3) Together we determine your monthly "Fill Date"
(4) We provide you with an updated medication list for your records

Is Prescription Synchronization Free?

Yes. Prescription Synchronization is Free for all patients that qualify.

Call in to to schedule an appointment at (619) 501-5888 or inquire while at the pharmacy to discuss how this program can personally benefit you.