Metagenics Nutrigenomic Based Products for Better Health Through Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, Available at Pride Pharmacy Hillcrest

Nutrigenomic Based Products

What are Nutrigenomic Based Products? defines nutrigenomics as:  The study of how different foods may interact with specific genes to increase the risk of common chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Nutrigenomics also seeks to provide a molecular understanding of how common chemicals in the diet affect health by altering the expression of genes and the structure of an individual’s genomes. The premise underlying nutrigenomics is that the influence of diet on health depends on an individual’s genetic makeup.

Metagenics utilizes this cutting edge technology to develop products such as nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals, that Address these common conditions:

  • Children’s Food Sensitivities & Atopic Disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Metabolic Syndrome & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Metagenics Products

Blood Sugar Balance

Critical to Long-Term Quality of Life

Metagenics offers specialized programs to nutritionally support the management of type 2 diabetes. GlycemX™ 360° and UltraGlycemX® medical foods provide a comprehensive blend of nutrients designed to complement a clinically designed dietary plan.

Body Composition

Getting Lean to Maintain Better Health

Metagenics offers specialized programs to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome, such as altered body composition, central obesity, and insulin resistance. UltraMeal® and UltraMeal® Bar medical foods are recommended in combination with a clinically designed dietary plan and regular exercise to help manage and reverse these risk factors for more serious conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Cardiometabolic Health

Addressing the Causes, Not the Symptoms

Metagenics offers specialized programs to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and hypertriglyceridemia. In clinical studies at Metagenics' Functional Medicine Research Center®, UltraMeal® Plus and UltraMeal® Plus 360° medical foods have been shown to improve established markers of cardiovascular health when used in combination with a clinically designed dietary plan and regular exercise.

Children’s Health

Filling in the Gaps for Healthier Futures

Metagenics offers a specialized program for children with atopic disorders, such as eczema, rhinitis, and allergy-responsive asthma. Ultracare for Kids® Medical Food provides a comprehensive blend of nutrients to nutritionally support the reduction of symptoms associated with these disorders when used in combination with a clinically designed dietary plan.

Gastrointestinal Health

Relieving Symptoms from the Inside Out*

The gastrointestinal (GI) system forms the very core of our bodies. So it’s understandable that many common complaints take root in the GI system and are among the leading reasons that patients seek health care. While common approaches may alleviate symptoms—such as occasional indigestion, occasional heartburn, abdominal cramping, urgent bowel movements, or occasional constipation—they may only temporarily mask the underlying issues and have potential adverse effects.*

Metagenics offers a complete line of science-based, nutraceuticals and medical foods that work with the body to support healthy core GI function and promote long-term digestive symptom relief.*

General Wellness

Set a Better Foundation for Health

Metagenics offers many science-based, natural formulas that provide quality support for foundation nutrition. Including daily multivitamin/mineral formulas to promote overall health and single nutrient formulas for both general and targeted applications.*

Immune Health

Strength is the Ideal State

Intensive Immune Support on a Regular Basis*
Metagenics offers a variety of science-based formulas for cyclical or daily use to protect against environmental and lifestyle challenges.

Acute Immune Support for Occasional Use*
Metagenics also offers targeted formulas for short-term use. Herbs and phytonutrients provide specialized support when the body is run down.

Men’s Health

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Metagenics offers science-based, natural formulas to help men stay at the top of their game for a lifetime of healthy, vibrant living. Including powerful support for healthy testosterone balance. Plus formulas to support prostate and urinary health, as well as libido and healthy sexual function.*

Metabolic Detoxification

Supporting the Body's Ability to Cleanse*

The Phases of Metabolic Detoxification
The body's natural cleansing or filtering process primarily involves the liver, digestive tract, lungs, and kidneys. Unwanted or potentially hazardous compounds that are soluble in water are easily eliminated (e.g., stool, sweat, urine). But fat-soluble compounds require enzymes from the liver to help break them down into neutralized, water-soluble substances for transport to the kidneys or intestines for elimination. Individual detoxification capabilities vary. "Environmental overload" or lack of nutrients to fuel necessary detoxification activities may also prevent harmful, fat-soluble compounds from undergoing this transformation process. Over time, this may influence the way you feel.

Nutritional Support for Metabolic Detoxification*
Metagenics offers a complete line of natural, science-based formulas to nutritionally support the natural pathways of metabolic detoxification to promote overall health.*

Muscle, Bone and Joint Health

Maintaining Strength and Flexibility

Targeted Nutritional Support for Musculoskeletal Health*
Popular approaches to support musculoskeletal integrity or relieve associated discomforts may carry increased risk of serious adverse events with longer use. Metagenics offers a complete line of science-based formulas to promote musculoskeletal health. Including support for healthy bone mineralization and remodeling, as well as support for connective tissue health. Plus worry-free options to relieve minor pain.*

Neurological Health

The Brain and Beyond

Safer Approaches to Target Neurotransmitter Function*
Neurotransmitters influence memory, attention, learning, mental focus, perception, sleep cycles, and a range of emotions—from feeling nervous or stressed to relaxed and content. Addressing neurological health through neurotransmitter modulation is the goal of many conventional products, which can have adverse effects. That’s why Metagenics collaborated with a renowned neurologist to develop a suite of products to nutritionally support healthy brain function and influence neurotransmitter dynamics associated with cognitive and emotional states.*

Other Nutritional Support for Sleep, Mood & Healthy Cognitive Function*
Metagenics also offers a variety of natural, science-based nutraceuticals to complement lifestyle recommendations and safely address underlying factors and promote a lifetime of healthy mental function and well-being.*

Sports Nutrition

Making the Most of Your Performance

Targeted Sports Nutrition Formulas*
Many popular sports nutrition supplements may contain higher levels of sugars or artificial ingredients, such as sweeteners and flavors. Metagenics offers science-based formulas designed to complement your fitness endeavors. Including high quality, low glycemic protein options, as well as rehydration formulas to replenish electrolytes and sustain energy during exercise.* And Metagenics formulas contain natural sweeteners and flavors—so you can feel good about them.

Stress Management

Stress Threatens the Mind & Body

Personalized Nutritional Support for Stress Tolerance*
Metagenics offers a complete line of stress relief formulas with natural ingredients, including herbal adaptogens that promote a healthy response to stress triggered by unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, emotional challenges, and more. They help your body "adapt" to stress with specific actions that are subtly invigorating, balancing, or calming. Plus they have restorative properties that support the entire body to strengthen your body's stress resolve.*

Women’s Health

Balance is the Key

Nutritional Support for All Ages & Life Stages
Specialized support is often needed to compensate for modern lifestyles or to meet increased nutritional demands during certain female life stages such as pregnancy or menopause. Metagenics offers a complete line of women's nutritional formulas to promote healthy hormone balance, vitality, and overall health.*
At the heart of every woman’s