Classes for Successful Living with HIV - Coming Soon!

Classes for Successful Living with HIV at Pride Pharmacy San Diego

Classes for Successful Living with HIV

HIV 101:  The Basics (~2 hours total)

  • Introduction & basic United States CDC statistics
  • Discuss epidemiology, transmission, effects on the body
  • Description of the virus itself and pathophysiology
  • Current therapies and mechanism of action/basic pharmacology, side effects & interactions
  • Discuss prevention strategies, importance of adherence, tips for success
  • Summary and open Q&A session

HIV 102:  The Meds (~1-2 hours total)

  • Introduction and overview of drug classes available
  • In depth look at specific agents of each drug class, pharmacology, what makes them special, side effects and management of side effects
  • Discuss limitations of current therapy
  • Strategies for optimal drug therapy and affordability
  • Brief overview of experimental and upcoming treatments
  • Summary and open Q&A session

STD/STI:  What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You (~1-2 hours total)

  • Introduction and CDC statistics/epidemiology
  • Basic overview of each disease state including:
    • Microbiology
    • Transmission
    • Pathophysiology/symptomology
    • Treatment
    • Prevention
  • Challenges ahead
  • Summary and open Q&A session


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